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It is not an easy task to write your own résumé, even those who are highly skilled in writing and successful in their career have difficulty promoting themselves when it comes to writing their résumé.
Your resume is the first chance you get to make a good impression on a potential employer and if you miss that opportunity, it would be a missed chance.
Creating professional and competitive resumes is key factor for success in today's tough job market. There is only one mantra to get the job in this tough job market - Stand up, above and beyond the other applicants.
In Career Shapers we understand this and strive to offer you the best resume which finds you the desired job. Don’t wait to create an impact to find the job you desire and deserve.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are another opportunity for you to tell the recruiter 'why you are the best fit for the job'? How your skills sets and experience would match the requirements of that particular position.
So cover letter must be well constructed, dynamic and compelling. Your letter should be written with a recruiter's focus, be concise, genuine and easy to understand.
This is the best opportunity for you to impress the recruiter to consider your resume and ultimately invite you for an interview.
In Career Shapers our aim is to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to continue on to the résumé.
We also tailor your cover letter to suit your resume, so your statements are consistent across all of your documents.

Selection Criteria Response

Selection Criteria are used as a key recruitment assessment tool throughout government and public sector agencies, by academic institutions and increasingly by large corporations.
This is becoming an essential part of the application process in the public sector and applicants often find them very daunting. It helps the selection panel focus on the attributes that are important for successful performance in the advertised position.
Measuring applicants against selection criteria enables selection panels to show why one applicant was selected ahead of another. It also ensures equity and accountability.
Addressing selection criteria can be time consuming and complex one, so it is important to put your best effort into creating this document.
In Career Shapers our role is that of a facilitator – collecting the relevant data, then assembling the document in the most concise and constructive format to highlight your specific skills to demonstrate how closely your skills match the requirements of the job.

Career Advice/Coaching

Looking for a different career or a new beginning, we can help you. Career change sometimes may be voluntary or under compulsion.
Making a career transition or a career change can be very stressful and it needs someone good at change management to guide you through this transition.
In Career Shapers we assess your strengths and weaknesses, establish your vision for the future, scope the total change management effort, develop and implement the change approach, motivate and inspire you to go in the right direction and set you up for success.
The key to a successful career change is making the right choice at the right time and to understand that our only security is our ability to change.

Interview Coaching/Tips

A job interview is undoubtedly the most important aspect of the selection process. If you have been successful in gaining an interview you should feel confident that your application has been competitive. You are more than half way there – your aim now is to convince them that you are the best person for the job!
Interview offers you and the employer the opportunity to meet one another, exchange information and come to tentative conclusions about “hiring” one another. Preparation is the best way to combat the “interview nerves” and the key to a successful interview!
In Career Shapers we prepare you for the big day by providing you, interview coaching, effective and powerful interview techniques. Also assist you to prepare your interview performance by way of a mock interview where you would be asked questions relevant to the position you are going for.
A constructive feedback on your responses, as well as your body language and appearance will be given. Call us now to book your session with us.

LinkedIn Profiles

As technology evolves job searching as well. With the advancement of social media platforms LinkedIn plays a vital role in the job search.
In Career Shapers we will create develop and maintain LinkedIn profiles.